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About academist

academist is an academic crowdfunding platform for obtaining research funding. For details on how it works, please see the "About academist" page.

About academist Grant

academist Grant is a service that aims to create a touch point between researchers in academia and companies through the support of research funding by private companies, to link the knowledge of academia to the creation of new value, and to return it to society. We coordinate the process from collecting information through the academist grant, to matching with researchers, to producing the project, according to the needs of the company.

1. Crowdfunding type

In the "crowdfunding type", companies support researchers who challenge crowdfunding on the academic crowdfunding site "academist" with their research expenses.

In the case of spot-type crowdfunding, when the challenger researcher achieves the target amount and the crowdfunding is completed, the company will support with additional support money. In the case of the monthly support type crowdfunding, the company will provide an exclusive return for the adopted researcher's project. In both cases, it is assumed that the research theme based on the free idea of the researcher is solicited.

For researchers, it has the merit of being able to widely promote their research to the general public and obtain support, while building relationships with private companies. For companies, it is a solution to the problems of wanting to have contact with academia researchers but lacking opportunities or not knowing how to do so.


Beyond Next Ventures 株式会社


Sysmex R&D Center Europe GmbH

2. Corporate problem solving type

In the "Corporate Problem Solving Type", researchers apply for the research field and theme specified by the company. The selected researcher will receive research funds through the most appropriate method for his/her organization, such as a funded research grant, and will conduct research on the theme.

This is not a conventional industry-academia collaboration in which both parties provide each other with resources, but rather an initiative in which researchers in academia and companies share a common direction and vision and draw out synergies to create new value.





We will propose a plan that meets your needs.

Utilizing the network we have cultivated through the operation of academist, we can also conduct research on researchers and engineers at universities and public institutions, and propose joint research partners. You can also use academist as a place to disseminate information to researchers and individuals in general. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your company's needs and to propose an appropriate plan.


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